In addition to mandatory fields like name and email address/mobile number, you can add custom fields to create rich profiles for each employee, such as location, reporting manager, etc. 

Admin Console

Follow the steps below to add a custom field:

1. Go to Settings, then Custom fields, and click on the edit icon

2. Click on Add New Field
3. Choose any one Field Type from the options available and click on Next

5. Enter the Field Name

6. Select the relevant option and click on Done and then Save the new custom field

Select the Required Field option if it's a mandatory field for your employees to fill
Select the Read-Only option if it's an optional field for your employees to fill
Select the Hide Custom Field option if it should be hidden from other employees in the spot and only the admin can view it

If you wish to edit a custom field, you can do so by clicking on the edit icon and making the required changes. You can also delete a custom filed by click on the delete icon.