Announce the launch of to all your employees via email/SMS/physical posters, etc, and ensure that they activate their profiles on the platform. Here are some assets that you can use to do so. 

1. Launch email

On the day of the launch, you can send this email to all your employees. The email contains information about the app, steps to activate their profile, and quick guides to help them familiarize themselves with the platform. 

Check out the launch day- email announcement template 

2. Launch day posters

Use the launch poster kit to onboard your employees easily. Put up the posters in areas that are frequented by employees. The posters contain steps to activate their profile and educates employees about the usability of 

Download the launch day posters

3. Post content

Drive high levels of engagement on the app during the first few weeks of its launch to increase app adoption among employees. Post custom content and use the sample repository created for you, and measure engagement levels regularly to monitor app usage. It is recommended to begin the post-launch campaign 1 week after the app's launch. 

 Check out the sample content for launch day