Every feed group will have its own feed. Only the group members of the group will be able to view posts published on the group feed. As a group member, you can also post in the group feed by following the below steps:

1. Go to the Feed tab, then the Group tab, and click on the Group you want to post in  
2. Click on the + icon (bottom right)3. Type in your post, and click on the post icon to publish your post 

-You can tag user(s) by using @ followed by the name (@Tina Lewis)

-You can use hashtags for better search and visibility of your post by using # followed by the tag (#GoodMorning)

-You can include various media files like documents, excel sheets, images, video files, gifs, etc.

-You can use the rich text editor to enhance your text (bold, italics, etc)

You can react and comment on any post on the feed. You can include a media file, hashtag and can also tag another user in your comment.